‘Veiled Voices’ is a programme series written and presented for RTE FM3 in 1995. The series was devised to present a varied choice of music from many traditions across the world, with new information or ideas on music that one would have heard before or new releases that one might not have yet heard. The programmes are a series of histories; the artist enquiry is focused on those exploring issues affecting their culture, their people, and the ever mingling of the political, the social, and the spiritual in our lives. I am interested in art that seeks to express our innermost concerns and the presence that lies beneath or perhaps beyond our everyday activities. The veiled voice suggests the hidden voice, the prohibited, perhaps the ignored for the superficial, or the revealing voice.

The series was devised, research and presented by Nollaig Ó Fiongháile and produced by Seamus Crimmins, RTE FM3 (RTE Lyric FM). Opening Credits: Talita Makenzie, (1991) “Seinn O! [Sing!]” On Mouth Music, CD, Women of the World Series, Riverboat Records. Transcripts  & recordings are from the broadcasts. The author would like to acknowledge two primary sources of the time, Wire Magazine and the collections of Mulligan Records, Galway.

Ó Fiongháile, N (1995) Veiled Voices, Radio Series, RTE FM3, V1 Ep1-6  [1995] Transcripts, Recordings posted Oct 20, 2014.

Veiled Voices, Episode 6: "Griots, Poets and the Social Conscience. Broadcast 11.9.1995:22.30  -  For Audio File, Click here: archive/sunesis_lab_veiledvoices/VV6.mp3

Veiled Voices, Episode 5: "Port Béal, Urban Beats & Beatniks". Broadcast 28.8.1995:22.30  For Audio File, Click here: archive/sunesis_lab_veiledvoices/VV5.mp3

Veiled Voices, Episode 4: "Soul, Nós, the Spiritual & the Sublime. Broadcast 21.8.1995:22.30  -  For Audio File Click here: archive/sunesis_lab_veiledvoices/VV4.mp3

Veiled Voices, Episode 3:  Broadcast  14.8.1995:22.30

Veiled Voices, Episode 2:  "Politics, Poetry & the Lost Political Soul". Broadcast 14.7.1995:22.30  -  For Audio File Click here:  archive/sunesis_lab_veiledvoices/VV2.mp3

Veiled Voices, Episode 1: "Patois, Protest & Punk". Broadcast 7.7.1995:22.30  -  For Audio File Click here: /archive/sunesis_lab_veiledvoices/VV1.mp3