Sunesis Labs are a reflection on previous experimental projects with research and development goals.



Sunesis labs are project based, of different duration from one to three to five year cycles, that have been undertaken with partners. While engaging with an international community it has been possible to design and deliver joint European research projects, public activities and experimental programming exploring innovative practices with the creative and performing arts. A record of previous activities introduces specialised events, performances, exhibitions, artist talks series, workshops, seminars and conferences; demonstrating a professional portfolio that can be implemented on site with local and regional partners. Sunesis works to engage contemporary performance cultures while exploring the scientific and aesthetic dimensions of our lives today. The labs evidence a programme of actions in the public domain, representing an international circle of interested partners from the creative arts domain and from a variety of sectors representing practitioners and academics exploring new ideas in research, development and in public culture.

Sunesis continues to work on thematics addressing the humanities and artistic research in Europe. A variety of forae are utilised to communicate findings to a transnational audience of academic researchers, intelligence communities and public stakeholders, while integrating with current networks to engage a broad range of academics, policy makers and practitioners. A range of project specific public forums are engaged to profile the research questions and the broader themes to interested publics. A series of information portals evolve to profile how issues concerning culture, aesthetics and identity adapt and mutate within our everyday life. Underpinning each project ambition is a commitment to consider and interpret how artistic consciousness matters to identity-making, social transformation and our understanding of our cultural matrices today.