Eoin Grace

Sunesis is an experimental research & development space engaging with an international network of researchers and programmers working across the creative arts domain, facilitating network development, pan - European programming, designing seminars, exhibitions, curated events and innovative projects across an international arena.





The practice takes inspiration from an interdisciplinary approach, exploring new ideas, new observations, while engaged in developing professional practices in creative and performance cultures.  The team works closely with international partners, ambassadors, and contributors to design novel programmes in academia, cultural policy and cultural production, implementing experimental research and production practices, and piloting innovative projects. Sunesis has a distinct and innovative record delivering cultural programmes in cities and regions on a European and international level.

Sunesis has engaged in building a complex and interconnected network of partners consisting of trans-sectoral institutions, policy makers, and practitioners demonstrating a track record of research and practice addressing creative arts, research and development and public culture. With a foundation in delivering financed projects and commissioned programmes in the academy and the public domain, the practice is underpinned by the aspiration to create unique and responsive engagements in the cultural field. An informed understanding and passion for creative practice, technological innovation, and experimentation in designing new models and interventions underpins our work and engagement in the public sphere.

During the past two decades, Sunesis has delivered a consistent record in research & development, programme design and project implementation. This has been evidenced by a project profile demonstrating network development, pan - european programming, public speaking and representation and delivery of governmental reports, academic papers and practitioner outputs. Specific projects, laboratories and experiments have been undertaken across the thematic of cultural diversity and creativity in the intangible heritages and in creative arts and media. An experience in authoring, facilitating and undertaking leadership roles for the development of pan-regional and pan-European initiatives have informed the conceptual basis of our practice.

A diverse experience informs the foci and critique within the current production model. The development of innovative, undergraduate programmes and graduate, practice-led, doctoral programmes within the academy, that explored the synergies across art forms in evolving creative practice and critical thinking. The development of pan-European institutional networks, exploring the diversity of culture cultural policies and cultural practices in Europe. The engagement with high-level inter-sectoral partners - political, academic and practitioner - facilitate an exploration of the arts to inform mediated and regenerative cultural encounters to contribute to the resolution of cultures in conflict. The significance of these activities might be best understood within the specific context of the arts but informed by a broader context of the role of culture in leading human development.

The underpinning principles to the works is the re-consideration of tacit, accepted norms in how we engage with culture, the refining of our conceptual understanding and approach to working with art forms in the public sphere to establish an understanding within the broader intellectual aspects of human inquiry and critical thinking. Our vision is to consider the varying analyses underpinning cultural practices and to engage in critical reflection and creative experimentation so to engage an intellectual and artistic resource to expanding our understanding of cultural expression.